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Welcome to Thornton - our thriving community located in the beautiful borough of Wyre in Lancashire, north-west England. If you are not familiar with Thornton, you can find us here.

Through our local magazine Thornton Community News (TCN) and this website, we support and inform the people of Thornton, providing details of local events and news, and helping to promote local businesses.

If you live in, or have an interest in, Thornton, don’t miss our
TCN magazine, which is delivered free to almost 8,500 homes in Thornton and Stanah. The magazine is full of community news and articles, plus adverts for local businesses and tradesmen.

Don’t forget our Hot News web page, because it’s YOUR page!  If you have urgent community news, perhaps if  you missed the TCN publication deadline for example, just drop us an email.  Maybe you have to make a last-minute change to your club meeting date, time or location - perhaps you want to publicise your jumble sale. Whatever the reason, for any kind of non-commercial news for Thornton, we have the place for it. When there’s no Hot News, you didn’t send us any!

Do check our recommendations page here, where TCN readers tell us about the superb service they  receive from local tradespeople. We all know there’s no substitute for personal recommendation and in Thornton we are so lucky to be well served by trustworthy, professional tradespeople who take excellent care of their customers. Our magazine is their  favoured place to advertise, so when you need  work doing, let TCN and our readers’ experience guide you to the right people!

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